Summer 2019

From Sydney to the Central Coast of Australia and upto Darwin, The weather this year is nothing like we have seen before. We have had some of the  hottest days ever recorded in Australia then just 24 hours later a day cold enough to don a jumper.

Australians are not the only Country feeling this extreme weather. Places in America such as the Midwestern United states, where rivers are freezing over, their cold snap hasn't been seen since 2014.

The unpredicability of weather is getting real, we need to prepare for fires in Winter or floods in Spring, Whether you believe in global warming or not is irrelevant, what we do need to do is  protect and look after your most prized possessions, Family and your Home.

What can we do:

Make sure you have the ability to store water in periods of drought

Have an escape plan in case of fire 

And Make sure your land is not overgrown and exits are not blocked, and clean your gutters out!

Autumn in Australia April 2018

During the last few months, our weather conditions in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast have been particulary unpredictable. Windy, cold stormy weather, bringing down power lines and causing flooding in areas, then in a complete flip, warm sunny humid days that feel like summer, happen. Its not only humans that are scratching their heads. Flowers that should have finished flowering months ago are having another bloom, its great in some aspects but also concerning. Looking after your homes needs was a seasonal thing, now is a monthy need.

Autumn was mostly a cleaning need, trimming trees and raking leaves as everything is slowing down for Winter, Winter was mainly a water and mould issue, Spring was a planting and trimming issue, Summer a fire and flooding issue. This doesn't seem to be the case now. In the last few years we are noticing a change, these changes need us to change and become more pro-active and flexible.

Here in Warners Bay in Newcastle and around postcode 2282, The weather can be extreme. We protect our homes from Fire embers all year round, but our payoff is a beautiful leafy area. Minor Birds in the Maitland suburb pose their own particular problems and solutions. No beautiful area is problem free but at Leafsmart we help you find solutions you need All Year Round.

Please contact our experienced tradesman for advice. 







Leaf Guard Guard Newcastle

Newcastle Leaf Guard

New homes in Fire Prone areas such as Newcastle need quality Gutter Guard.


Gutter Guard Newcastle and Warners Bay

Gutter Guard Maitland

Keep the Birds out in Maitland

If you live in Leafy suburbs you may have a problem with birds specifically Indian Minors. At leafsmart we offer you a humane solution.  This is a recent job I completed in the Maitland area. Our Gutter Guard keeps out all vermin, its tough Blue Scope steel and made to withstand the Australian Weather conditions.

Leaf Guard Maitland

Central Coast Gutter Guard

Leaf Guard for the Central coastal areas

Storms and Flooding can damage your home if your roof plumbing is not upto scratch. Contact Leafsmart  to install a quality roof gutter guard for your home. Do you live on the Central Coast in areas such as Terrigal, Wamberal, Avoca Beach, Holgate and Surrounding areas. Leafsmart will come to you.


Gutter Guard Wamberal

Extreme Weather How to Protect your Home August 2017

With Extreme Windy weather it is imperative to monitor and prepare for dangers. Falling branches become deadly with extreme wind force. Just as in a fire situation extreme wind can make an emergency deadly, 

A few standard safety precautions for high wind days are:

1.Bring items that can be blown away or cause damage inside, store in you garage or storage room.

2. Tie down or remove from and around your home loose metal parts that can cause damage or harm.

3.I f you know there are high winds forecast employ a tree specialist to trim down branches hanging over the roof that can damage your home well before it arrives.

4. If a thunderstorm is also forecast make sure your gutters are clean to move water away from  your home. Get a Gutter Guard specialist such as leafsmart to clean around your gutters and install a strong steel guard.

5. Stay indoors and don't drive in high dangerous wind unless you must.

6. If you know that thunderstorms are going to be accompanying high winds make sure you have gas for bbq and candles the incase of a blackout.

7 .Know your plan in an emergency write down your emergency numbers.

8. Make sure all cell phones are fully charged.

9. If you are on acreage buy a small generator to keep the fridge/freezer going.

NSW is also experiencing a very dry spell, even though it is cold there is a very real Fire Danger, so making sure your gutters are cleaned by a professional, this is very important for resisting ember attack.


Whether you are from Wollongong, Newcastle or live in the Sydney City area, High winds can and do cause extreme damage with a plan you can minimise stress and damage to yourself and home.




Extreme Wind Gutter Guard  Protection Blue Scope Steel

Extreme Weather Guide to best Protect your Home

Sydney weather Conditions are very dry with none to little rain for the past 10 weeks. This is a dangerous combination when extreme wind is involved, even in these current chilly temperatures the risk of fire is high. It will not take much for a dangerous Summer forecast if this continues. Queesnland has also recently experienced an out of control fire, as temperature becomes unpredictably warm for August. I forsee Sydney, Vic, SA, and WA forllowing this unpredicable trend. Home owners are doing everything they can to protect their home, following advice from professionals.

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