Frequently asked Questions

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1.Q. What Colours are available?

  A. All Colorbond Colours are available for corrigated roof profiles.

2.Q.What is the Product made of?

  A. Australian Made Blue Scope Steel

3.Q. What does your service include? 

 A.Leafsmart will clean out your Gutters and Downpipes before installation.

4.Q. Can I install Leafsmart Gutter Guard myself?

A.Leafsmart recommends you use one of our trained installers. Our installers are trained in height and safety and other OH&S issues, this will save you time and money and give you piece of mind.

5. Q.Does the Gutter Guard need maintenance?

A. All Gutter Guard products should be cleaned every 3- 5years.  It is a simple procedure to flush the guttering clear of fine debris with a hose. A Leafsmart  tradesman can come out and service this for you.

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7.Q.How does the product look on a roof?

A. Our product is modern and seemlessly fits 99% of Australian roof profiles.

Leafsmart Gutter Guard is popular with Architects and Buliders as it gives a home a professional finish, and the quality of our Gutter Guard is well reguarded in the building Industry.

8. Q. Is your leaf Guard effective for water collection?

 A. Our Gutter Guard is one of the best for water collection as the angle and size of the holes let water run into the gutters, but keeps leaves and debris away.

9. Q. Is your product council approved for fire rated areas?

Bal Rating = Yes

Bal Rating 12.5 - FZ = Yes

A. Our product has been tested and has been given the highest fire rating available for council needs and approval for fire rated areas.





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10.Q.Will your Gutter Guard keep Pests like Birds out of my roof and how will it do this?

A.Our Leafsmart Gutter Guard is made from Blue Scope steel; it is an invaluable deterrent for keeping Vermin out of your roof. Leafsmart offers the best product on the market at a competitive price.

Unlike, Plastic Leaf Screen or Aluminum type Gutter Guard products, rats and possums find it impossible to chew through Leafsmart's mesh,  physically keeping them out.

When working in unison with a Pest controller, Leafsmart Gutter Guard is the best defence for your home when your problem is Vermin.